How to install vaulted foam crown moldings. Austin Crown Molding.
Installs on flat
90 degree ceilings
Installs on angled,
sloped / ceilings
Just slide it up the wall
until the top of the molding
comes in contact

How To Install Vaulted
Foam Crown Moldings

Our crown moldings are the most simple and easiest crown moldings to install in America
Our vaulted molding is self adjusting from 60 deg down to 135 deg up angles
They install with simple painters caulk.
Put a bead on the back surface where it meets the wall. (only 2 of the 4 surfaces are needed)
Press molding to the wall. Then slide it up the wall until the top point makes contact with the ceiling.
Next, align the molding up to the wall and press firmly into place.
Then wipe off the excess caulk on the horizontal seams. Caulk you top seam.
You have now installed your molding and finished your horizontal seams in one step.
Foam crown moldings made in America

Seams and Joints

Wood and MDF crown moldings absorb moisture and expand, then dry out and contract.
In most cases people try to buy crown molding to fit the full length of their room.
This usually results in a large amount of waste and difficulty in handling.
Our foam crown moldings do not contract or expand so you can use any length available. (8 Ft)
All you use on the vertical joints is sand-able spackle.
Just apply the spackle into the joint, wait until it dries and sand with 220 grit sandpaper.
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