Shipping easy to install foam crown molding to the State of Idaho,
USA for pickup by US and British Columbia, Canadian residents.
Buy foam crown moldings for the state of Idaho.
Trading Post Rd,
Porthill, Idaho 83853
529503 HWY 95 N
Bonners Ferry, Idaho
208 267-0688
Wild Horse Mercantile & Saloon
Silver Lake Square
6848 N Government Way Unit 114
Dalton Gardens, ID 83815
Serving Porthill, Dalton Gardens, Bonners Ferry, Idaho, USA cities.
for drop off and pickup from local Canadian cities.
We can ship to the following locations below. Enter these addresses as the ship to addresse in our online store.
Austin Crown Molding ships by FedEx to all locations.
Cut out the brokage fees, lower Tariff s and lower shipping charges!
Austin Crown Moldings are proudly made in America and meet Nafta requirements.  HS code 3903.19

We will enclose an invoice on the outside of the box on every order for border customs.
We will email you a tracking number when your order ships so you can make your pickup.
Most of the ship to location companies are charging $2.50 to $5.00 per package.
Do you have a US ship point you would like to use?
Just let us know or enter it  on our online store. 

(Please note we are not responsible for customs fees, taxes or any other expenses for shipping or receiving)
(Please visit websites for hours, terms and conditions)
Foam crown moldings made in America
Austin Crown Moldings, are the best looking and easiest crown molding you will ever install!
Our foam crown moldings are proudly made in America! A DIY's dream. Cost less than wood crown moldings.
No fasteners or nails are needed. So simple to install. Does not contract and expand like wood crown moldings.
Have your crown moldings shipped directly to Canada or we can ship to United States
border locations and save on brokers fees!  We are Nafta approved, 100 % American made!
Austin Crown Molding, Cleburne, Texas
Austin Crown Molding
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