Foam crown moldings made in America
Austin wood foam crown molding

  Hot Deals
5-1/2 sizes and styles

Example 1:   Small pitts about the size of a small grain of salt. Paint will cover 90% of the hole.
 Hardly noticable from the floor after painting.

Example 2: Uneven light texture
most can be sanded off easily

Example 3: Water spots along the length.
 Will cover with paint. This is a great deal!

  These are good crown moldings with minor defects.
We can not sell as 1st quaility moldings.
You get the great deals!
Some may have water spots, a little texture on the surface or
very small pitts that mostly can be covered with a cost of paint.
Some sanding and spackling may be needed.

Crown moldings  good for 10 foot plus tall ceilings

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    style 553       100 - 8' lengths available   40% off
    style 555         13 - 8' lengths available   50% off